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December 2007
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Harbingers of Nascence

Tiny grey elephants
drop from the emerald sky,
triumphal bellows above

the fall of grain rich fields,
the necessitude of tilling the earth,
the perseverance of care

required of the world’s butchers
in greening a labored thumb
with motion by meticulous motion
paying homage to the humility

(mown beneath abundance
and the bones of behemoths)

we long since left for dead.

Jeffrey S. Lange

I have yet to decide what I'll do with my Livejournal.  I want to post poetry to it, so I'll do that today, but I would also like it to be a place I can send links, catch up with friends, and maybe even do some actual journaling.  Here is a poem I wrote earlier today, for what it's worth.  ;)

The City’s Pride

Her patio boasts
English ivy and bougainvillea –

purple blooms curl up by a spine
of shining wrought iron
in a yard of golf grass
and wide, flat stones

an ivory Buddha smiles
over a corner garden
where a stream trickles in
and a fountain endlessly coos

there are gunshots
loud voices
squealing tires
a squad car’s whirring lights
just beyond the fence –

the city protects Her favorites

keeps them close to Her heart
routes the noise away
sends a warm breeze

Her lot is favored

She kisses a friend
by the flowering gate
and contemplates
the darkening sky.

Well, amusing at a macrocosmic level.  I am sure it is not fun to be a victim of a monkey attack.


Hello all.

Getting a feel for the site.  Looking about.  Wondering how cozy it is around these parts.

Not sure what I'll be doing here, exactly.  I imagine some verse will appear.  Beyond that, I have no idea.  Perhaps a daily journal as well.  It will be thrilling in any case, so stick around.  ;)


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